12-18 workers were sent home ‘with pay’ late last week, while the matter is under investigation. It has been suspected for years that BCH workers with the necessary expertise have done the work such as ‘bypasses’ that have been discovered in a number of these Ops.

The fact that ‘Grow-Ops’ keep popping up everywhere, also speaks volumes! There’s no way the people setting up these Ops could do this work – they definitely need the ‘Linesmen’ expertise to prevent their sites, and possibly themselves, from being blown sky ‘high’.



Last week two firefighters mailed Tampons to the PoCo Fire Dept. to ‘welcome’ 2 new ‘Female’ recruits. Last fall out of the 700 female applicants, only ‘5’ were hired, and now we know why! I think someone is trying to protect these poor women…not necessarily discriminate, but I won’t get started on that hot topic!

How incredibly DISGUSTING of these guys, no regard or respect for their female counterparts whatsoever! A public apology is definitely NOT enough – perhaps if they lose their jobs and pensions they will think twice before they the next imbecile tries something like this.



Recently, the American Medical Association categorized ‘Obesity’ as a ‘Disease’. Legitimate concerns: overly obese people are dancing with the likely onset of Type 2 Diabetes and/or Heart Disease. That is logical enough, and I think we’d all have to go along with that line of thinking.

However, what I strongly disagree with is the AMA saying that basically Obesity is one’s own fault, poor eating habits and not dieting, or taking responsibility for our own bodies, etc., etc.

OK, I have to ask, have these experts been living under a rock these past few years? I think they are collectively forgetting about a very serious economic crash called the Recession/Depression!

The fact is that people generally cannot afford to eat healthy! How are you supposed to do that with no job, or if you do work, the job is so low paying, that you are just barely scraping by? Check out the price of produce and lean meats! It costs much more to have a good salad, and prepare a balanced meal than it does to go to McD’s and grab a burger!

Naturally, they have no choice but to eat junk food – hamburgers, KD, pasta and the like, or starve! FIX THE ECONOMY AND JOB MARKET, and watch the Obesity numbers decline substantially!



Eat your Fruits & Vegetables, and use the ‘right herbs’ to fight all types of Cancers (according to Dr. Oz et al)

I found this interesting, and for the sake of my readers’ health, wanted to share this with you.

According to Dr. Oz and his colleague, the following foods are all high in ‘Apigenin,’ which apparently is the toughest cancer fighter known to date.

Parsley, Celery, Artichokes, Apples, Grapes, Cherries, Chamomile Tea Wines, and Herbs: Tarragon, cilantro, licorice, spearmint, basil, and oregano

Bon Appétit!

Supporting Resources: The Vancouver Province, Vancouver Metro News, Vancouver 24 Hours

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