DONATEBLOODStudy Shows Nice Gifts Do Boost Blood Donations – Everything from free move tickets to a day off work with Pay….

When I read this article in The Province over the weekend, my jaw dropped, as I just could not believe we have become so self absorbed and selfish that we need to get a reward in order to help our fellow men, women, and children. The fact that the blood agency is giving away gifts to entice Canadians to get to a clinic to donate blood does not present a very flattering picture of Canada, now does it?

As a Canadian, I must say that I am embarrassed, and would be even more so if I myself were able to give blood. However, due to a historic health incident, I am not yet able to do so. That said, I would also say that if I could donate, I would definitely be one of the first people in line!

I am sure that some of my readers will be able to relate to my dilemma with respect to this health issue, due to contacting Hep B many years ago, I was told many times that I could never give blood for the rest of my life. Currently, this is still the case, which sucks because for all I know I could be a good match to be a kidney donor for a very special friend of mine, which I would do for him in a heartbeat.

However, hold on, there is good news! Apparently, they are re-evaluating this historic health issue as many people like me do want to do our part, and if there has been no recurrence for the past many years, as in my case, people like me may be able to contribute in the near future, which I think is a good thing.

Myself aside, I can’t help but wonder what people are thinking by not taking a few minutes out of their day to donate a bit of blood – as they say, ‘it’s in you to give’. So, what is the problem? Many of us have legitimate medical reasons, but what is your excuse?

Think about one of your loved ones having been in a serious car accident that definitely will not make it without generous blood donations, surely that vision makes you at least contemplate giving blood yourself.

Would it make you feel good to know by gut instinct, that if, heaven forbid, you were in a serious life or death situation, not one of your friends, or maybe even family members, would come to your aid? I doubt that realization makes you feel too good at all.

So come on people, it only takes a small piece of your time and your generous blood donation CAN and DOES SAVE LIVES – one day it could be YOU that needs help desperately, so please do give!

It is so sad to know that, according to Canadian Blood Services, fewer than 5% of eligible Canadians give blood.

The blood agency is giving away movie coupons and alternate small token items within the $10 range to potential donors, said Dr. Dana Devine, the Vice-President of Medical, Scientific and Research Affairs.

Research Resource: The Province, Vancouver,

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