may 16 rsuDUCK DUCK GO! – In Portland, a police officer cut off his speed chase to escort a Duck and her two ducklings across the road, LOL! It’s great he didn’t want to harm them, but I don’t know that he  should have cut his hot pursuit over it – what do you think?

A PAINTING WORTH $2M – The late, great actress, Bea Arthur, from ‘Maude’ and particularly, ‘The Golden Girls’ modeled topless many years ago. Her painting just garnered close to $2 Million at Christie’s Auction in New York yesterday.  Facebook has banned the painting from the site!

HUMAN ‘CLONES’? – This is exciting stuff, big time! Once again in Oregon, a team of US scientists announced today that they have successfully cloned human stem cells from skin tissue, which are capable of making any tissue in the body – did you know that only 2% of our DNA is useful to scientists?

AMERICAN IDOL – Finally, a decision has been made, and Nicki Minaj will be leaving the show – yeah! Sorry, but I cannot stand her voice – ‘too much rapping’ and the ‘stuff’ going on with Nicki & Mariah, so I think it’s a good decision, people weren’t in love with her judging techniques anyway! – what do you think?

PROOF WORK CAN KILL YOU! – A young 24-year-old man working for an Ad Agency in Beijing, China, has died of a ‘heart attack’ after working at the office until 11pm every night! Apparently this poor guy worked til 11pm for the last month of his young life. What a shame! Don’t let your JOB rule YOUR life!

SUN BURSTS – This is unreal and so beautiful I had to share it with you! The Sun has unleashed the most powerful eruptions of the year. In a period of 24 hours, the Sun emitted 3 solar bursts –  suddenly releasing radiation – on Monday, but none of the flares were directed towards the earth thank goodness! – solar flares can disrupt our Communications & Power Systems. WATCH the beautiful VIDEO here:

NOODLE BEATING? – I can’t get my head around this one! A popular Japanese Chef has been killed during a dispute with 2 Diners over a noodle dish on the German island of Sylt. What comes around, goes around!

JELLY BIZAs in Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, gets Series A investment from Bono And Al Gore for his new Startup, JELLY. The amount is unknown at this point. He had to sell preferred stock to all investors in a Series A. I think he is a brilliant man, and definitely respect that!

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