AGE JUST NUMBER The Upshot: You had better do everything you want to do by the time you turn 40(ish) simply because our society have basically decided you’re done by that point – particularly our ‘Corporate’ society! Sadly, this also applies to many other areas of your life….we have truly become a Society by the Numbers!

If you think about it, as a baby the first thing we do is let everyone know just how powerful our lungs are! LOL! After that, we make sure we get all the attention anyone could possibly want or handle.

After 1 year or so, we’re walking around, and beginning to form actual words, just getting into everything. Then it’s the ‘terrible two’s’ which last a lot longer than just a year!

Quickly flashing forward, at 6 years old, it’s time to begin school and give poor Mom a break for a few hours a day. Once we hit this age, we’re off to the races. Assuming all goes well, off to College or University we go after Grad, by which time we have hit 17 or 18 years of age.

It should be around this time we get out of the house, and begin our own life’ journey, living in our own place, and paying our own bills. This is of course, assuming we are not spoiled rotten, and Mummy & Daddy are still paying the way for us. I would hope that would NOT be the case, simply because at that age, we would learn absolutely nothing. It’s ‘grow up’ time, and we must become independent and responsible, maturing along life’s path.

Okay, so in our mid 20’s or so, we’re on our first full-time corporate job making a decent living, and just basically living life like there’s no tomorrow. But wait, there are many more tomorrow’s to come, so better get with it, and grab a brain – it’s time to get serious people!

Now, at around 32 to 35 years old, we have finally met the love of our lives, and decide to get married – with or without the paper.

Shortly thereafter, we decide it’s time to have a ‘family’ of our own. A few kids, as in three later, timed reasonable years apart, we find ourselves in our 40’s, and wondering where all the years went!

Successful in our careers, with a few promotions under our belts, and tons of accolades later, we get ‘the news’  of a ‘change’ coming in our organization. Being so popular, successful, and with a proven record of accomplishment, we don’t let the news bother us, we’re basically indispensable!

So, sorry to disillusion you, but guess what? WRONG thinking! NO ONE is indispensable, right from the very top, and down to the very bottom, anyone can be let go at any moment.

So let’s look at this scenario: here you are; married, kids, maybe one is just about to grace the world with his or her presence, and you lose your job, your livelihood, as you know it, is toast! You are in serious trouble if you happen to be in a one-income family! Now what?

Well, the fact that you’re in your 40’s should give you a huge clue that things just aren’t what they use to be, and no matter how terrific your skills are, and how many impressive references you have, you’re in for a bumpy ride!

This is true for both men and women, although for women it seems to be even more frustrating and humiliating.

You see, by the time a woman has reached 30 years old, she is supposed to have already been married, and had her child or children. If you’re not married with kids, what’s wrong with you?

For a man, bringing children into the world is celebrated with cigars and whisky! He’s a hero for getting the old lady pregnant, and really put on a pedestal if he happens to father a ‘male’ child!…….stay tuned for Part 2!

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