There are certain things – injustices if you will, that continue to bother me, and frankly burn my cookies.

Therefore, to find out how other Vancouverites are feeling, I am going to throw out some suggestions and rants on some of these major issues that bug my brain, such as:


1. TRANSIT: Downtown Vancouver bus service should be FREE just as the C-Train (LRT) is in Calgary.

2. TRANSIT: Increase the number of buses on the road to meet the increased demand, instead of just increasing our fares. The more the Mayor wants us to become the #1 ‘Green’ City, the higher this need will become.

3. HAIR SALONS: Women’s haircuts should be the same as Men’s, or at most, only a $3-$5 differential.

4. DRYCLEANERS: Women’s blouses should cost the same as a man’s shirt for cleaning & pressing – they’re almost identical, particularly given our more ‘business casual’ attire.

5. BANKS: Banks now give ‘immigrants’ free services that are not provided to the rest of us. If there are no-cost services available for immigrants, those same services should be available for all bank clients.

6. EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS ACT: Workers are now enjoying less & less support and our rights are disintegrating right in front of our eyes! Whichever government comes into power simply MUST address all the issues related to employee rights, reasonable and ‘fair’ wage increases, employee protection, etc.

7. AGE DISCRIMINATION in CORPORATE AMERICA: As with above, the next government must put in place protection for individuals over 45 years old in terms of employ-ability, encouraging employers and most certainly, Staffing Agencies to hire these talented ‘boomers’.

8. INCOME TAX ‘HST REBATE WITHHELD’: Our next government should see to it that this is ‘reversed’ and the monies withheld returned to the citizens as it should have been in the first place for our 2011 income tax refunds. The fact that we have reverted to PST/GST as at April 1, 2013, does not affect the information that was submitted for 2011 and the CRA calculated as individual rebates. I want my money!

9. LOW-INCOME HOUSING: BC Housing & other organizations must put a push on to develop many more units to be allocated to the BC Housing Roster of available homes, and more low-income buildings need to be accessible to the public, as well as ‘wheelchair friendly’.

10. SENIOR CITIZENS in BC HOUSING: NOT drug addicts & potentially dangerous street people! Gordon Campbell screwed this up big time when he went ahead and ‘hid’ as many addicts and street people as he could in downtown BC Housing complexes. The seniors in these buildings are scared stiff and afraid to say anything to anyone – some of them will not even go out of their suites after 6pm!

11. BC HOUSING: Why does the waiting list have to be 5-10 YEARS? I have witnessed the people allowed to move in that have not been on the wait list anywhere near even 1 year – what the heck is going on? – Immigrants once again don’t seem to have the same problem as those of us that were born here! Campbell made sure street people could get into popular downtown buildings meant for seniors – what about those that have been waiting on the list & trying hard to find suitable and affordable housing for years?

12. WELFARE RATES: Adrian Dix, NDP, wants to give a whopping $20 extra to those in the system with children. What about single welfare clients with no dependents? Just how far does Mr. Dix think a twenty is going to go anyway? This low amount is a total INSULT!

13. DISABILITY (PWD): The low rate for individuals on this disability benefit is a disgrace here in Canada. It is impossible to make ends meet on this meager amount of money – particularly for those that are not able to work outside of the home, and even more so for those that can’t work/ or GET work at all.

14. POVERTY in BC: The next government better be prepared, willing & able, to step up to the plate and truly and effectively help all of our citizens in desperate need. We should not have ridiculously high ‘homeless’ rates in our province, or in the City of Vancouver! Certainly, we should not have our children living in poverty, however, that does not negate the fact that adults paid their dues (and ‘taxes’) working for 40 years or so, and should not just be tossed aside like an old shoe! Get with it Mr. Government – wake up & get on the jazz before our Beautiful British Columbia goes right down the tubes!


What do YOU think about all this? Please do comment, and add your own rants if you like. We’d all love to hear your thoughts!


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