Boston Marathon 2011

OMG! This historic run, done with so much hard work, pride, and courage has been destroyed today by multiple bombings, which I am sure you have heard about today.

I am writing this post to offer you the latest images from the horrific scene, where you will also see many acts of kindness. As a matter of fact, those that kept running and were not injured ran to hospitals to donate blood to the point that right now, they do not require any more donors.

People have posted housing availability, restaurants are opening their doors to participants and everyone else, on a ‘pay if you can’ basis! My God, the entire city is opening its arms to anyone and everyone affected by this awful experience!

I say, God Bless them all, each and every one, and keep up your spirits. Those that were tragically and seriously injured, losing limbs in this process, are in hospitals now being well taken care of – my heart goes out to each of you!

Please click on the link above to see the disturbing images from Business Insider.

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